Cinema Room

The Cinema Room of the B&B Palazzo Reale

Two circles hanging on the wall, a film that glides around, a motion capable of producing an illusion, the cinema room has been achieved.

A bright, cosy atmosphere where shades of grey, red and black blend in so as to create the illusion of being inside a movie theatre, there where the art of cinema comes alive.

Everything in this room has been designed to arouse this illusion, but the room visual image continues to be vivid, palpable, substantial, real. An imagine that our mind, instinctively turns into frames in motion: scenes of a city, Palermo, that walks and generates an endless series of events. Events that the Palazzo Reale B&B has captured, rendered and given to its guests.

All cinematographic suggestions, giving life to the walls, project into the mind of the travelers the stories they can relive, both intellectually and through a definite thematic itinerary: conquering the places glimpsed on film, discovering a yet to be made 3D movie entitled Palermo!


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 In-Room amenities:

  • Air-Conditioning
  • Wireless internet access 24h
  • LCD full hd flat screen TV 19"
  • Mini-bar
  • Writing desk
  • Full-lenght mirror
  • Spacious wardrobe
  • Private balcony

 All rooms have a private bathroom equipped with: 

  • Complete set of towels in pure cotton
  • Courtesy kit (soap, shampoo/shower gel and shower cup)
  • Hair Dryer


Rooms and bathrooms are cleaned daily.