Literature Room

The Literature Room of the B&B Palazzo Reale

The literature room is a fine balance of colors and words, images and thoughts.

An intimate and elegant place that describes Palermo through the prose and the poetry: from the sentences fixed on the furniture to those consecrated on the walls, each specific detail "lives" to hand down and spread the loving mood messages dedicated to Palermo until now.

Never attacking or overcoming anyone, but welcoming, with the soft colors of the room, the emotions of the tourist and the pleasant fatigues of travelling: an exciting route of unexplored paths that the Palazzo Reale B&B aimed to guide. Going beyond the boundaries of the room and moving forward...with a thematic itinerary. A journey that is a story within the story, a relaxing and fascinating literary tour of Palermo.


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In-Room amenities:

  • Air-Conditioning
  • Wireless internet access 24h
  • LCD full hd flat screen TV 19"
  • Mini-bar
  • Writing desk
  • Full-lenght mirror
  • Spacious wardrobe
  • Private balcony

All rooms have a private bathroom equipped with:

  • Complete set of towels in pure cotton
  • Courtesy kit (soap, shampoo/shower gel and shower cup)
  • Hair Dryer


Rooms and bathrooms are cleaned daily.